Saturday, August 18, 2012

My daughter's 18th birthday poem

Happy 18th Aviva Killian

When you were a baby, I worried you might be sick, 
or wet or hungry when you cried

Once you toddled, I knew there's be rumbles and tumbles
bruises, even blood, which I tried to minimise

As you entered school, it was friendships and homework
and learning and chores over which one agonised

Then the high school years- cigarettes and whisky
and wild-wild women...I know these were all tried

And now, you alone have to choose
the things you give your time
and attention to
the people to which
your heart you will lose

You have so much to give
and potential to achieve
and remember, it's ok to chase a thrill
if you balance it wisely ( as I know you will)

You're an adult now and all grown up
but no less precious than when you were a pup
I will still worry, that's what mums do
because you're still my Snoekiepoeks Penguini.

With love


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