Sunday, May 21, 2006

...and then there was one!

Two weeks ago, there were 37. Boxes that is. Bar one that's full of office stuff, everything now has its little place-albeit for some just temporary while I'm still "feeling" the place. With nothing on the floor, the luxuriousness of so much space tempts me to stick with the minimalist approach to decorating. My budget would love it too!

On the subject of's a giggle! Nudity can do strange things to otherwise normal people (sure you can imagine for yourself!), but it did a funny thing to me yesterday! Whilst undressing to take a shower after all the unpacking, the bathroom floor which I have been ignoring for the sake of my sanity, began yelling at me!

Now I don't have a cleaning obsession, having developed a counter-culture to a mother obsessed with scrubbing and cleaning...but there is something very disconcerting about inherited dirt! One's own seems much less objectionable!

Overpowered by an irrefutable urge to immediately rectify the situation, I sank to my knees, and began cleaning- a la French Maid style in just a few scraps of undies. That thought left a smile on my face and brought a whole new dimension to cleaning and scrubbing for me! When I laughed out loud, Cub2 came to investigate and demanded an explanation for the giggles and bizarre choice of scrubbing outfit - complete with elbow-length gloves! Some quick thinking about not mucking up your clothes with bleach and ammonia persuaded her of the practicality! One wonders when she grows up if she will continue the tradition?

I am of the generation of women who define themselves by their contribution to the economy, society and the tax office...not the state of the household they run. But there must be some primal nesting thing connected with this cleaning business, because last night as I was showing some guests who came to dinner around the apartment, I beamed from ear to ear when they remarked on how immaculate the bathroom was!

If only they knew!

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