Thursday, June 29, 2006

I dreamed of Africa

Today I took 400 people to Africa with me. 400 IT geeks, chanting "AMAZULU" when they spotted the shy adaptive leopard, the unpredictable buffalo, the awesome elephant, the raw energy of a pride of lions in full hunt, the unmistaken power of 2 tonnes of rhino.

It was something else....a little footprint of the magic of Africa, deep into the heart of my new home, my beloved Australia. Its weird that some people cant share a love for two countries...I feel all the richer for having them children...or my heart.
Even though the rangers were brilliant, and the music and photography conspired to evoke the familiarity of the sounds and sights that I lived with for 38 years, a virtual safari is...well....virtual! Like an e-mail love affair! So, as I make my way to bed tonight, I am left with a hunger...a hunger that has not been sated...a hunger that is more closely connected with memory than any of our other senses....a hunger for the smell of the African bush.

To think, one can buy a fully-fenced game farm with river frontage, thatched home etc in a nature reserve for the price of a studio apartment sans views in an ordinary Sydney suburb! Check this out!

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