Sunday, September 10, 2006

breakthrough technology!

  Its been a while...I know...but sorry, its raining cats and dogs! Its raining ideas and opportunities! And its raining men! Hallelujah! (Actually...its a nightmare juggling so many balls!)

Today's headline is about something I am REALLY excited about because I love learning so much, and when I learn something, I have a compelling (if sometimes mis-guided) desire to immediately pass it on!

You know how serendipity works...and that other wonderful New Age word: SYNCHRONYCITY? well...its corporate speak for the nature in which stuff just unexpectedly comes together and tap you on the shoulder to see what you couldn't see before!

It seems to me there is a new "global warming" of sorts in education...a return to basics to teach...connect....transfer knowledge...its called "making the invisible visible"...its cutting edge technology in the corporate and educational world....picked up by Harvard's Faculty of Education from studies in Italy among children.

The technology? Drawing, talking through pictures and a revisiting of the visual arts....remarkably like our earliest forebears did on cave walls!!!! (Last year it was story-telling...yes, I kid you not!)

These things are BFOs...BLINDING FLASHES OF THE OBVIOUS...but, in our complex and large hi-tech, high-rise towers of knowledge, we seem to have perfected the art of alienation from truth and meaning...our employees working with only small pieces of vast global puzzles and our leaders lightyears removed from customers, yet steering the ship with only one source of information: numbers!

Hooray for a return to rock-painting...after all, they have endured for eons....wonder if this blog format and code that created it will last beyond 2010 before its unreadable?

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