Friday, September 01, 2006

Stuff about Spring

  This is my 44th Spring, not that I can remember much about the preceeding 43, except one year when I went on holidays to Cape Town and surrounds to be totally charmed by the carpets of native wildflowers. God's tapestries!

Though my head and my heart is full of things I want to write about(because its been a reflective week), I am not quite ready to spit it out on screen! (Yukky...that analogy doesnt quite work with modern technology, does it?)

But, I thought this glorious 1st day of Spring deserves to be acknowledged...not only for the warmth and beauty of the day itself, but the promise that it represents. The promise of regeneration, freshness, youth, hope.

I wonder if this Spring will be memorable? Memorable in a happy sense, not memorable like in planes flying into buildings.

I also want to thank people who read this blog, who barely know me except through these writings, and thus have come to know me well, and gives back to me in countless ways that they may not even understand. Its very special.

Some marvel that my writing is so straight from the heart...others find some discomfort with aspects of it and say so, and some ask me why I write?

I honestly haven't given much rational consideration to that. I write because I can. Because it orders my thoughts. Because I love it. Because the voices in my head wont stop until I do. Because I need to talk to someone after the homework has been checked, the lunch boxes packed, the bedtime stories read and the cubs are tucked snugly in the cot. Because I have a need to share.

Neither man nor woman was created to be alone. You know? Spring stuff? Birds and bees and pollen and stuff...? Posted by Picasa

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