Saturday, June 16, 2007

On blogs and blokes...

After nearly a year of on-off dating, courtship, seduction, the odd quarrel, endless foreplay till the early hours of the morning and the occassional midnight wake-up, my new lover and I are just about there...ready to climax together in a massive explosion of sensation and stimulation. Yes, my lover, The 2007 Innovation and Thought Leadership Festival, is supercharged with wow, and is the talk of the town!

Its true- I have joined the ranks of enlightened women and traded blokes in favour of Thought Leaders, Creative Geniuses and Innovative Entrepreneurs, and quite frankly, I have enjoyed more thrills than I've had in years! Nothing like a huge brain between the ears!!!

The Festival grew from a one-day fling called EXPO in 2005, to a full-on 24 week romance, with the main celebrations happening from 25-29 June, in Sydney.

The first of my 30 international guest speakers are arriving next week, I have a media circus on my hands, 3000 registered attendees, hi-tech exhibitors including virtual world avatars and parallel universes, a cocktail party for 600 with "virtual" decor being arranged by a genious French drag queen who covers the Sydney Gay Mardis Gras in his alias as Claire de Lune , I've battled uncollaborative building managers on turning their corporate headquarters lobby into an Expo Centre and cocktail lounge, driven a Lamborghini Gallardo donated by a sponsor, and am preparing for 90 participants to come on an 8-week innovation bootcamp with personal innovation coaches to develop the seeds of their business ideas into flourishing growth opportunities for our business. Today, I am selecting 30 art pieces from 300 entries produced by employees through a 12-week Creative Bootcamp launched to co-incide with World Creativity Day, for the art exhibition in our foyer - we open 25 June. All exciting new initiatives, and I am taking the 9-year old cub with for work experience!

Meanwhile, in the few hours that I manage to grab some sleep, winds close to 200 kms per hour are battering the coast, 6 ft waves in our normally flat inner harbour bay at Balmoral, ripping boats off their moorings, sinking ferry wharves and snapping the terrace furniture of my penthouse apartment like twigs! I woke at 5 am to run outside stark naked just with slippers on to salvage what I can before it smashes through the wall-to-wall glass panels of my little seaview nest in the sky! Not an erotic looking bird I was, I assure you! Hope the stainless steel BBQ does not dance off the terrace and into the Pacific....or worse, on someone's car!

So, that's the reason why I am up so early and decided to use this rare moment of weather bewilderment to update my blog. You see, I have a confession to make. I am NOT Superwoman despite what many say...I have launched the first corporate blog at work and I am simply finding life too short to blog in two places simultaneously, keep up with emerging trends like Second Life, Twitter and Facebook and what not, and play mummy and femme fatale all at once!

Something had to give....blokes and blogs, in that order....seemed a fair trade-off!

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