Sunday, July 01, 2007

Blackberry salad


Finally, the Blackberry is silent....eerily so. The Festival ended somewhere on Friday night after a week that went by in a blurrrr...and I ended up a bit blurry after a few celebratory margaritas were forced down my sore throat at the after-after party! Oi, didnt know those things left a dent in your brain! Had to really "think", as I stumbled in the door to two bemused cubs, how to keep a straight and sober pose...was not about to throw my reputation as an impeccable role model down the drain, even if I had much reason to celebrate!

Driving home next day in the car (we stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel on Friday night), Cub 1 says to me: "So Mum, other than having a heap of fun at work, what do you ACTUALLY do?" (Kids don't understand that being an executive, making decisions, delighting customers and shareholders, managing people, assets and crises, and attending too many meetings, IS ACTUALLY WORK!)

"Well," I tried to explain..."my job is to lead people, set challenging goals, to help them grow, find their talent, realize their potential, have fulfilment in their work. It's called Leadership" thing, cub 2, sitting in the rear, pipes up: "Geez Mom, you sound like Jesus!

Well...I nearly drove off the harbour bridge!

From the mouths of babes...come priceless wit!

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