Sunday, July 29, 2007

An inconvenient apocalypse - NOW

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We have maybe 90 minutes before it all ends...and, feeling strangely vindicated that I have invested in a wireless internet connnection and a laptop with some battery life left, I decided instead of panicking, I'll invest my last moments to connect with the world by internet- to reach out in a typical human need, for connection with other humans-whilst others more fortunate, share these last intimate moments by candlelight with loved ones! (I have already checked through the window of my high-rise apartment-yes, that's what they are up to!)

It happened about 30 minutes ago...a massive explosion that rocked the world, a blinding light and then thick black eerie silence. I fumbled around in the dark for 10 minutes to find the emergency pack of matches to light my beautiful candles that otherwise serve as decor accents only! So, forgive typos....I can barely see the keyboard. (As a perfectionist, its very hard NOT to go back and fix errors but in this instance, perfection is hardly the point!) In 90 minutes or so, all connectivity will end, so what have I to say or share that could possibly matter?

Well, let's I saw a quote in a 2nd hand bookshop that referenced Socrates- not that he was my hero (I am much more a Sartre babe, or I used to be....when I still had a future), but it said something about the examined life is worth living....or words to that effect. I also browsed Oracle, my local bookshop, and skimmed through the Deepak Chopra book on the life of Buddha...very easily accessible...and ended up buying Future Perfect, by Robin Williams (see, ever the optimist- and a fat lot of good that is now!), and The Beginners's Guide to winning the Nobel Prize by Australian winner Peter Doherty for medical research into Immunity!

These books I bought not only because they fascinate me, but also by way of inspiration for the kids, cause let's face it, its going to take a miracle to have me win it in the next 90 minutes! Cub 1 has a chance, she is far away in country New South Wales at Boarding School and for the moment, not impacted by the Apocalypse. Cub 2, whom I have assured its just a temporary power blackout, is reading her pony novel by the emergency light on the stairwell. We were all going to visit the Nobel Prize Hall of fame in Stockholm at the end of the year- now hopefully, at least one- the sole carrier of our genes into this crazy world, may still get there!

So, what else to say when there is so much? That love matters more than anything else? That money can't buy us out of here? That its pretty cool to go down sipping a glass of very fine Pommery like those Titanic passengers, chatting to you by candlelight, watching the moon rising and lighting up Balmoral Bay like a Tahitian black pearl, just as its been doing for millenia and may be doing again tomorrow and the day after as if nothing's happened?

In searching Google for an image, I found this weird website called K-punk
where some really deep and meaningful stuff was written about this world and others...I didn't have time to read it, have my own shit to get in order here....but if you survive this, by all means check it out-I did glimpse enough to recall what I read about in Jared Diamond's book, "Collapse", on the relationship between greed and civilizations.

And so, here we are...finally, we've raped Mother Earth, sucked her dry for cheap energy, its run out and our greed has turned us to war with one another, Australia invading Iraq for no bloody reason whatsoever other than piggy-backing our greed on the US, and tonight, it's payback time and Sydney has been hit by a surprise (hardly!) act of terror ahead of it hosting the APEC summit of world fools in September. And its all about to end.

I am an innocent, I proclaim_ I didnt support that war so why should I die for John Howard's folly?

Ah....but am I? Have I not been driving a luxury car fuelled by cheap energy? Have I not been turning on heaters and electric blankets and using a tumble dryer when the sun or a lover could have done the job? Have I not been dining out in fine restaurants, wearing fine feathers made in power hungry factories? Have I not been voting Liberal because it was good for the economy and my backpocket even though Rome was already burning and the writing on the wall?

Tonight, Sydney's Collapse is also my collapse...and 4 million others....but how much MORE warning did we need? Why did we not heed? Why not act? Thank goodness I spent time with the cubs teaching them a little through documentaries such as "An Inconvenient truth" and "A Crude Awakening"- movies and debates I also organised at work, along with the brilliant Jane McGonigal's alternate reality game, "World without Oil" but alas, too little, too late.

So, my dear friends, there won't be a funeral...there will be too many dead and rotting bodies everywhere...its best to just bulldoze the place....but, if the Servers in Google Land and their back-ups get off scotfree this time and this post makes it to you...take heed. Act now. Greed is NOT good, and complacency that others will do the right thing to protect us...fairytales!

And a little, A LOT MORE. Live a lot more too, a way that preserves life, not rob it.

This is the Leopard Lady and her little cub signing off and MEWTU, the cat, who is blissfully unaware life as we know it is about to be snuffed out.
So, adieu...until we meet again, and cheers (raising my champagne flute and draining the last drop) xxx

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