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...such a great word, relish - rich, juicy, plump, luxurious....and, so it should be. As the dictionary describes it..."pleasurable appreciation of something"...and that is what I am doing. After 8 years in Australia, and 7 years in my company, starting practically from the bottom again, I feel like I have finally made it back to where I was career-wise when I left Billiton and South Africa end of 1998.

Yes, my recent project, the Innovation & Thought Leadership Festival that I have been arranging for the past 9 months, took place between 25-29 June, and it exceeded even my own wildest expectations. And so, forgive me for taking a moment to relish that...and, the acknowledgement I received from my colleagues, peers, Board members, CEO and my boss.

I received over 60 e-mails and about 300 sms are just a few snippets to keep in my virtual album...

Sent: 30/06/2007 08:14 AM ZE10
To: Annalie Killian
Subject: Special person

Every now and then I think things are bad and life is flat... Then I think
about the people in my life and how wonderful the world really - despite
its challenges. You are one of those very special people...

Congratulations on what YOU have achieved this week, congratulations in
believing anything can be achieved despite the barriers and proving women
can lead the world...

This from our Strategic Alliances Director who is in the above photo with me, name withheld for privacy reasons

Sent: 29/06/2007 05:50 PM ZE10
To: Annalie Killian
Subject: Congratulations

Hi Annalie

I just wanted to congratulate you on an amazing week topped off by the most
amazing expo. I had been searching for inspiration and the expo has given
me the push and motivation I needed to get through the next few weeks.
Thank you!

Congratulations and I hope the Hub launch is as successful as this week has
been for you. I am very proud to be part of your team.

A member of my team, name suppressed to protect privacy
Sent: 26/06/2007 11:24 AM ZE10
To: Annalie Killian
Subject: Fw: Innovation Festival

A success I think!!

Annalie .....................YOU REALLY PULLED THIS ONE OFF!!!

Congratulations..............and thank you from all of us!!

Name suppressed to protect privacy, but this was from my boss!

Note from CEO to Board Member who attended
Early on day 2, it's clear this has been an inspirational initiative that will shape strategic thinking in (The company) very
Thanks for your active participation and support,

(CEO name suppressed to protect privacy)

Note from Board member who attended to my boss
I just wanted to congratulate you on the festival and thank you for the
chance to take part. The work involved in organising something like this
must be phenomenal but what you have done is to offer to the (name of my company)community a world class conference with great speakers and, at least judging by today, thoroughly stimulating content which would be terrific just from a personal
development point of view, let alone the potential to do great things for
the business.

It's sensational! and we are all in debt to you and your team,

(Name suppressed to protect privacy)

To: Annalie Killian
Subject: Congratulations on a breathtaking initiative!

The Innovation and Thought Leadership Festival was a huge success and I
know that ddn't happen without a huge effort from yourself in particular.
Congratulations - I'd like to catch up next month when i return from

Kind regards

(name suppressed for privacy)
General Manager HR & Strategy

Sent Jun 30, 2007 03:58
Subject: Wow.

Wow. You done well kiddo! Stunning event. Off home now couldn't find you to
say bye. Thanks for the recognition. Love your work. You are the star
today enjoy every minute of it. xx

From our HR Director and a colleague

Sent: 29/06/2007 04:59 PM ZE10
To: Annalie Killian
Subject: Re: Innovation and thought leadership festival - question re


I hope you are sitting down to a well earned champagne. Even though I only
saw a tiny slither of what you have put on this week I was totally blown
away. I wandered around the exhibition for quite a while - it was
fantastic. I can't wait to sit down and chat with you about your role,
aspirations and how we might share stories and ideas. To this end I would
like to invite you to lunch - how does 17 or 19 July work?

I hope you have a restful weekend and do let me know if either of those
dates works for you.

Kind regards
Director (name suppressed for privacy reason)
PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia

Sent: 28/06/2007 11:21 AM ZE10
To: Annalie Killian
Subject: Fw: Thank you

and guess what...........for your sins you get to do a Board presentation
on the 24th July say 20mins talking and 20mins discussion - we need to pull
together a packc next week...............we can work on it together!!

Congratulations again!!!

My boss...again

11:15 AM

Note from Chairman of the Board to my boss
Thank you indeed for including me in the dinner on Tuesday night. There
has been a great buzz around the company this week and the dinner was a reflection
of it. I thought the whole presentation, the atmosphere and conviviality
said a huge amount about the quality of your team and the inspirational
thinking which is underway.

Annalie is a gem.

(name suppressed for privacy reasons)

and so on....relish, relish, relish! Success is sweet but fleeting...there is always a new mountain to, I am already beginning to work on the next Everest!

Thanks to all of friends and family, for your interest and support!
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