Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cub's coming out!

Tomorrow my first cub is starting a new phase in her life. Normal and sane people would not attempt to get kid off to boarding school, move out of a house after 7 years into a small apartment, deal with a broken arm, go on week's adventure holiday, and settle other kid into a new school....all these changes in the space of 4 weeks.

Then again, we are not normal neither sane...but it has its upside.

Packing up house while getting Cub 1's stuff ready has meant that i re-discovered all the journals of her babyhood- and i kept copious notes before, during and after giving birth to her....and reading all my thoughts and reflecting on how much has already happened in her short little life since I first saw nothing but a madly beating little heart at foetal age 6 weeks on an ultrasound scan.

Looking at her now...she is still that wildly beating little heart, that bundle of energy, passion and an unquestionable will! She radiates electricity and attracts people to her easy-going vibrant personality.

I am so happy that despite potholes, HUGE ONES!....she has learnt to jump over them and grow into a "together" young adolescent. if only we can get the tidiness factor together!

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