Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The first step of a million word journey

Well....on this 4th day of the 4th month in 2006, I'm finally crossing the rubicon from private thoughts to shared thoughts.

What tipped me over the edge? It was a snippet in todays Sydney Morning Herald about the Blooker Prize....the Booker Prize parallel for books which started life as blogs. It makes sense really...doing it this way. I have had several attempts at writing a book but somehow, thats just way too big a project and daunting ambition to tackle in the 7 and a bit minutes a day that I am not working for some shareholder, the taxman, the kids, the credit card company, the community or taking care of the essentials of living.

so, I figure if i can use those 7 and a bit minutes to write my thoughts down by blog entry, before I know it, I will be closer to my destination!

Now...all i have to figure out is....where is my destination?

Perhaps its best to observe a piece of cosmic wisdom....and just live in the moment...the here and now....go with the flow.....the theme will "emerge".....

Well....let's see what emerges.

I had a wonderful start to the day....dressed in sexy black top and pencil skirt and my new long black boots, with a cashmere tangerine wrap thingie and black fur trim, dropped the roof on the way to work, played sultry French music and sang at the top of my voice as I roared down the highway to work bathed in the champagne light of early autumn.

Now, how many people go to work in a mood like that, I ask you? So...the theme for today is giving thanks. Thanks to have an opportunity for self-expression through work and making a positive contribution to society in this way.

Thanks also for the great news I got from Iola's school teacher whom I met at 8 am and who told me that I have a delightful and very creative young daughter whose narrative style of writing and vocabulary is exceptional, who is socially well-adjusted and a popular choice in class when seats are swopped around fortnightly.

Thanks for colleagues and staff at work who are supportive, competent and capable and most of all- very likeable.

Thanks for the time I had tonight with the kids to call out their spelling and give them extra challenges as I chopped the green beans and peeled the butternut while the potatoes were boiling away and the chops grilling! I had fun too watching them struggle with the curved balls I made up, and then their eyes light up.

Thanks for the phone calls and msn chats I had from friends, far and wide, looking me up, checking to see I am OK.

Thanks for blogs like these that I can look up and re-read when I get the mutters and need to remind myself of how good things are.

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