Thursday, April 13, 2006

Looking forward - in turbo drive

What do you need more than a hole in the head when its the day before Easter, you just got onto the freeway and you have back-to-back meetings booked all day? A phone call from the school to say that Daughter1 had a bad fall and may have broken her arm!

In moments like this, there is no point observing the niceties of traffic regulations. Your auto-pilot reaches for that Blackberry and the Executive Mother-in-distress kicks in....what do I juggle, who do I delegate and how the hell do you get off this frigging freeway anyway?

So...hanging onto my sense of humour, (because let's face it, with everything on my plate at the moment, a broken arm to boot is just God's way of telling me she knows what stuff I'm made of and she's just checking that I'm not getting slack!), I pick Daughter1 up and we set off for combat with the hospital system!(did I mention today was her last day at this school before she sets off on her New England adventure from Term 2?)

Won't bore you with the 4-hour wait....nothing happened anyway so nothing to tell! Except that the wait was ultimately worth it because she did break some carpal bones and had to have her hand set in plaster...not the fibreglass kind until we have been to the hand-clinic...AFTER our diving holiday on the Barrier Reef next week! Sigh...that holiday was booked ESPECIALLY for Daughter1 because she believes diving and snorkelling and fishing are the things she cant do because she doesnt have a father to do it with! Its going to be pretty interesting diving with an arm aloft in a plastic bag!

With the little medical drama over by2:30pm and Daughter1 delivered back to school in time for a surprise from her classmates, and not content with only one challenge in a day, I went to inspect another crummy joint to move into once my chicklets have flown the nest. This was a good thing, because it convinced me that the place I had fallen in love with ten days ago was definitely a must have (see pic!). So, I drove straight to the agent, got her to phone through my final offer and got acceptance on the spot. I am moving in on 6 May. (OOPS... forgot to tell them about the cat?)

So here's the runsheet for the next 21 days:

Easter weekend: Order bin for rubbish removal, sort the good stuff from the throw-outs, and assemble garage sale stuff in carport. Deal with visit from ex. Arrange Easter Egg Hunt and bake cake for Easter Sunday dinner with friends. Buy doonah, sheets, shoes, and other things for new school and wash and mark ALL clothing. Find someone to feed cat while on holidays.
Tuesday: All day director's meeting: Two project presentations to make, none of which I have started on (was supposed to do that today but see above...test-drove the health system instead!)
Wednesday 19 April: 6:30 am departure for Daydream Island. Do nothing for 6 days. Enjoy kids. Sip wine. Bake in sun. Read books. Go to bed at 10 pm, sleep till 10 am.
Wednesday 26 April: Attempt to get back into work mode (Work...that place you go to get money to pay bills)
Thursday 27 April: wipe out another day at hospital with Daughter1 at Hand Clinic
Friday 28 April: Speak at luncheon with 100 PR professionals
Saturday 29 April: Monster Garage Sale in collaboration with neighbours (as organised by self!). Book haircut for kids.
Sunday 30 April: Finalise packing of school stuff. Farewell lunch and friends all afternoon to say goodbye to Daughter1. Find place for Daughter2 to stay while away with Daughter1.
Monday 1 May: 6:45am flight to New England, buy uniforms, meet staff, have medical, settle Daughter 1, catch flight back, arrive 9 pm, collect Daughter2
Tuesday 2 May: Early wake-up to take Daughter2 to new school through worst traffic jam in Sydney via Spit bridge (Note to self: try the Cammeray rd instead). Pray to God for an answer in terms of after-school care!
Also: Meet student to be mentored as part of Lucy Mentoring Programme.
Wednesday 3 May- Friday 5 May: Drive between St Ives and Mosmania to school then dashing across the water by slow ferry to work. Attempt to have an impact by day while furiously packing up house by night
Saturday 6 May: MOVE! Leave the past behind and make a fresh start in my new home bathed in sunlight and 270 degree views all the way to Santiago!
Sunday 7 May: Start the day with a walk by the ocean at dawn....and start the rest of my life with less baggage and fresh hope!

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