Sunday, July 09, 2006

Big Brother Cold Turkey

A week ago, I had no idea what a Turkey Slap was. And now, I can order one at The General Pub&Grub at Mt Hotham, where I am holidaying. It comes only in extra-large and on extra-thick crust (yip, the chef's a boy!), topped with shaved turkey, creamy brie, rocket and cranberry sauce! I don't think I can face it-that's one turkey that leaves me cold!

Seeing everyone has had something to say about THAT SHOW, I may as well wade into the mud-wrestling too!

The only thing stupider than Big Brother is those who watch it. That includes quite a few people who I thought better of, but then again, boys being boys even though they be the 40-year old Managing Directors of major companies, maybe they are so sex-starved that the hint of nipple or fleshy buttock is enough to keep them glued to it for hours! Geez, don't they know there are quicker ways to get a fix?

I don't mind Big Brother-its never even featured on my radar till now. In fact, I kind of thought it must beat watching fish swim around in a glass tank if you are one of those poor people manning toll booths or monitoring security cameras at Parliament House in the wee hours of the morning. Besides, the controversial footage was aired only via internet streaming at 4:15 am on a Sunday morning- hardly family viewing time and quite frankly, good luck to anyone who had nothing better to do at such a time!

But even stupider than those watching it are those that watch it and THEN demand it be banned. Don't they know where the “off button” of their TV is located? No-one in my home watches it, but that's more because they recognise it as mindless drivel than any imposed ban.

I am with the journo who said: "What do you expect of a reality TV show? Disney?"

Everyday out in the real world where alcohol & drugs, testosterone and the sexes get mixed, these incidents occur. Women have been at the receiving end of predatory sexual males asserting dominance by shoving their manhood down their throats since Adam was a boy. Nothing new there, and nothing wrong with it if its mutual desire. And therein the nub (knob?) of the matter!

Perhaps this incident and all the furore will alert our daughters more to exploitation, what constitutes acceptable and lady-like behaviour on their behalf, situations to avoid, the boundaries between play and force and the difference between a gentleman and an animal. And perhaps it will alert our sons more to the consequences of alcohol, mob mentality, thinking with your dick, how to woo a woman instead of forcing yourself and your genitals on her.

If that is an outcome, I say hooray for the Turkey Slap!

But the real turkeys here are the fame-famished young people who allow themselves to be conned, manipulated, exploited, set-up, humiliated and violated by the money-and ratings-hungry producers of that show. Big Brother sure is alive and in control of you. Posted by Picasa

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