Sunday, July 02, 2006

I can jump puddles

Had a perfect day. darn near perfect as can be...6 hours of me-time while kids visited Bluebeard. I spent it luxuriating in sunlight with no fixed agenda. And then...a serendipidous encounter with a stranger over breakfast at the beach! Who knows what a day can bring?

Breakfast turned into a walk, a walk turned into jumps across Balmoral's rockpools (click link for photos), marvelling at starfish, counting the sails of a hundred yachts floating past, waiving at skin-divers & kayakers, warm winter sun on skin, and just talking - from Nietszche and Gaugin to Tchaikovsky and punk-rock, from growing Christmas trees to the challenges of innovation, from the mid-night sun at Trondheim to homeopathy, from starsign nonsense to mid-life crises, from the sensory effects of voice to the school syllabus!

Before I knew it, it was time to fetch children, buy catfood and bring in the washing. As I waved goodbye, I realised I didnt even know his name. But what does it matter? It was perfection in a bubble.

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