Monday, July 03, 2006

Snow leopards

Still hurting from kitting the cubs out for the snow and a new snow leopard coat for da mama cat, but can't wait to get down there! Car is being serviced and anti-frozen today (more ouch!), stocking up on bubbles and red grape juice at Dan Murphy's tonight to make sure we don't dehydrate and temporary butler is waiting in the wings to wait on King Mewtu at Balmoral Castle while we're having snowball fights!

If you can fit in a few wall sits and squats, leg lunges and stair climbs between now and the weekend to get ski-fit, we have spare bedroom in apartment at White Crystal, Mount more than welcome to drop in! Friend from Singapore had booked to join us but politics between the Swedes, Japanese and Thais on Project Orange forced a postponement.

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