Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A cosy little nest

 Balmoral Castle is beginning to look more and more homely...the lounge suite finally arrived today after a 3 month wait but not without a moment of drama!

I am beginning to form a little prejudice here based on NUMEROUS experiences with delivery folks these past few months of to-ong and fro-ing and deliveries...and the prejudice is NOT against migrant labour. Those people have a great work ethic and are all too happy to help, to be in this beautiful country and earn an honest and decent living. No, I am afraid there is a different class of white trash...but let the facts speak for themselves.

I ordered the furniture from a somewhat upmarket boutique on the EXPRESS terms that I want an end-to-end service. NOT ANOTHER BUNNINGS BARBECUE STORY IN OTHER WORDS!

That means the product, which is modular in design for urban lifestyles (read: you must be able to carry it around steep and narrow staircases and doors), has to be delivered, assembled and all packaging removed as part of the deal...otherwise NO DEAL.

So, said white trash arrive with delivery today, and tell me..."Nah! Ugh-ugh...Nope! We don;t assemble...that's extra. The shop will charge you $100 for that, but if you pay us cash, we'll do it for $60."

Smelling a rat, I nodded calmly, and as they cart in 7 boxes, I ring the store to politely enquire how come my contract says assembly included but Boofhead here wants to charge me extra? Store confirms...assembly is paid and Boofhead is meant to assemble-without collecting an additional $60 in cash!

Well...testosterone explosion! Chief Boofhead starts cursing, tossing papers about and talking about being here till 3 am, phones the boss, complains, jiggles his toys and performs a melodrama for all of Mosman to hear-lasting roughly 10 minutes.

All of which came to naught. The store phoned the boss, the boss phoned him, and in less time than his Oscar-winning performance lasted, the entire thing was assembled.

I love putting corrupt jerks like that in their place. Consumer=1. Boofhead=0. Posted by Picasa

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