Sunday, August 20, 2006

Trading places: home exchange holiday?

  Posted by Picasa This photo was taken from my terrace at about 3 pm today and shows only a third of the 270 degree views across Sydney Harbour and the heads- entrance to the harbour. Temperature was about 25 degrees, and its officially still winter in Sydney!

Had my usual fantastic coffee with a friend at Bather's Pavillion on the esplanade, hugging a safe and sheltered beach- a 2 minute stroll from casa mia. Followed by a lazy read of weekend papers in the sun, and then hiked up the hill for a gentle workout, crossed the road to pick up a few things from the shopping centre offering everything from world-class delis to fantastic fresh produce, major supermarket, boutique wine store, plus trendy boulevards of designer shops, a great library and 3-level gym and aquatic centre. Strolled back home,then popped some champagne to watch the sun go down with some friends who dropped in on their way home from the beach!

Perhaps tonight Cub 2 and I will walk to one of 2 cinema complexes for a movie, or shall we rather get a dvd from one of the 3 local hire shops and pick up authentic Italian pizza or a Goan curry from Taste of India to dine in? Or, hop on the bus or harbour ferry and in 18 minutes, dine in the city or catch Turandot currently being performed at the Sydney Opera House?

The point of this real account of a day in the life of us is that I am looking to exchange this paradise for 2-4 weeks in Aspen, Colorado in March 07, or Tuscany, Dubrovnik, Prague or Provence in July 2007...or offer me an alternative? Bariloche in Argentina? Banff or Lake Louise is perfectly good too!

I will list on the international home exchange websites too, but hey...with a wide network of international friends and blog-mates, perhaps you know someone who knows someone who wants to do the same in reverse!

Contact me via "comments button" goes straight to my e-mail address, and I will be in touch.

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