Saturday, August 12, 2006

Give thanks for blessings

 1. Thanks for Cub1...she lives up to her name!
2. Thanks for Cub2- she is so much like me, we don't fight...much!
3. Thanks that I am not flying to America today!
4. Thanks that I live in a castle in heaven.
5. Thanks for keeps me out of the shops!
6. Thanks for friends...they say if you have five, you are a rich person. I think I am rich.
7. Thanks for brains...if I have to choose between beauty, a great body and a magnificent brain, I just say thanks ...could have been zero out of three!
8. Thanks for family...come to think of it, I have more friends than family on this earth! And those i have are very far away.
9. Thanks for health...when I look at the stiff botox faces around me, I love my laughlines more and more and I know my self-esteem is intact too!
10. Thanks for freebies...good water, pure air, sunshine, peace.
11. Thanks for the beautiful man who makes my coffee every morning. He reminds me of the joys of being a woman
12. Thanks for my Crackberry. Its the extrovert's ultimate toy!
13. Thanks for my cat. He makes no demands and loves me flaws and all!
14. Thanks for everything I forgot and that I'm obviously taking for granted. Posted by Picasa

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