Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mermaid Tales...with evidence!

This is a story about a mermaid....several in fact. One still a guppy, one a puppy turned 12, and one a old, that her mermaid tail had, unbeknown to her, become little more than a show tail, and when she needed to use it one fine day in the big blue Pacific Ocean, it was useless!
She flapped and spluttered, wriggled and wiggled, and all to no avail...her tail refused to support her, dressed in full mermaid regalia, modern mermaid artefacts like Blackberry and Digital camera in her breast pockets. (seeing it was a family-celebration, she had to cover her mermaid breasts!)
But, ever the classy mermaid that she is, she went DOWNUNDER, without getting her hair out of place or smudging her immaculate make-up, and splashing about just enough to float her torso above water to rescue her technology tools, her social life and her terra firma job as one Blackberry has already bitten the dust in less adventurous circumstances!
Ah....even though King Neptune didn't send a school of seahorses to save the old mermaid, she knows that the little mermaids would miss her if her tail fell off and she sank to the bottom of the big blue. They wept....and then took photos!


Okapi said...

Did you fall in? That's VERY funny ;-))

Anonymous said...


MsMaverick said...

yes....I did!